It's like X-Ray Vision
for your Pitches


Build Winning Pitch in Minutes

Contiq dynamically recommends the most effective content for your pitches. Get data-driven personalization
and buyer engagement insights at every step of the deal flow, all within the native sales tool stack.

For Enterprise

Increase deal sizes and velocity with Contiq's flawless

For Sales

Get direct visibility into
deal performance and buyer engagement for your sales team.

For Product Marketers

Get direct visibility into 
deal performance and buyer engagement for your sales team.

Deal Engagement Score (DES)

DES gives you an access to previously untapped buyer engagement insights on the collateral you send.

  • Learn how often a prospective buyer opens a document, how long they view each page, or what gets forwarded to their team so you can adapt your strategy.

Pitch Builder™

PitchBuilder combines DES insights with your content library to help you create a hyper-personalized deck in minutes

  • No need to spend hours building a custom deck for each prospective buyer at every step of the deal flow

'Next Best Acton'
Recommendation Engine

Contiq's AI tracks performance of your pitches over time, recommending the best content for buyers based on feedback and context.

  • You get the highest performing collateral to send, every step of the way, until the sale is complete.

Contiq Companion™

Contiq is the invisible infrastructure that makes you more productive. Contiq Companion™ delivers the full power of Contiq from native tools like Microsoft Office Suite.

  • You don't have to change the way you work.

The solution for sellers who want to boost performance of their deal flow.

Enterprise Grade

Physical Security

We are hosted on AWS who provides robust, physical data center security and environmental control.


We enable encryption of sensitive data both at rest and in transit over public networks.

Data Usage

We don't mine, access, share or sell your data to third parties or for advertising. Ever.

Data Privacy

We only use customer data to provide the service; we don't look into your account without your permission.

Data Recovery

We regularly back up your data and provide a maximum 24-hour RTO and RPO.

Data Ownership

Your data 100% belongs to you. We won't delete data in your account without giving you time to export it.

Contiq is a must have solution for my sales team to gauge customer engagement and I am sold on the ability to search and reuse the latest sales slides to produce customer facing decks in seconds.

VP of Sales, VMware

Create Real Buyer Engagement,
One Pitch at a Time

Contiq helps you find the perfect solution for your enterprise buyers so
you can close bigger deals, faster. We aim to create tools enabling a
more powerful, personalized and insightful relationship between sellers
and enterprise buyers. 

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Contiq creates persuasive, engaging content for your prospects in seconds and track its performance in real-time through AI-powered algorithms
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