The future of real time customer engagement insights is here
Contiq is a new, intelligent presentation building and insights gathering platform designed for enterprise salespeople that recommends prior most successful content for reuse and provides instant customer engagement insights, all within PowerPoint
Find and reuse hidden gems using AI

Prior slides and decks are often the best starting points for creating new presentations, and every professional, team, company has a treasure trove of slides and decks on their laptops and cloud drives. Ever wish yours were easily searchable? With Contiq’s AI based search, you can get recommendations on best slides and decks instantly.

All your content in one place, synced seamlessly
Why jump between multiple instances of PowerPoint, Google Slides across local and cloud drives to find, view and copy & paste, decks and slides? With Contiq, you can stay where you already are—in PowerPoint and everything syncs - All your sync’d decks are available for search and reuse from anywhere. All done securely.
Customer insights, instantly
What happens to a deck when you send it to a customer is often a mystery. With Contiq, you’ll be able to know exactly when the customer opened the deck, how many times, dwell times per slide and more. This valuable customer engagement data can set the context to drive deals forward faster.
Enterprise grade security
Physical Security
We are hosted on AWS who provides robust, physical data center security and environmental control.
We enable encryption of sensitive data both at rest and in transit over public networks.
Data Usage
We don't mine or access your data for advertising purposes.
Data Privacy
We only use customer data to provide the service; we don’t look into your account without your permission.
Data Recovery
We regularly back up your data and provide a maximum 24-hour RTO and RPO.
Data Ownership
Your data 100% belongs to you. We won't delete data in your account without giving you time to export it.


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