Craft Super-Tailored Pitches For Your Customers Using AI

Contiq is a hyper-personalized pitch creation system that helps enterprise salespeople create pitches up to 80% faster and improve win-rates by up to 80%.

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AI-Powered Winning Content Discovery

Don’t waste time scrambling for the critical slides you need. Contiq’s AI removes up to 80 percent of the content discovery grunt work:

  • Instantly find the perfect slides using visual search across Google Drive, Dropbox and your computer.
  • Discover similar and recent slides based on AI-driven similarity matching.
  • Assemble decks in seconds using Contiq’s simple editor


contiq contiq

Simplified Pitch Tailoring in Minutes

Rather than jumping around between tools and getting slowed down by editing features that aren’t really needed, Contiq provides a simple editor that makes it easy to tailor pitch presentation for your audiences with:

  • Easy text, image editing and theming
  • Simple commenting and collaboration on slides and integration with Slack
  • Integration with CRM



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AI-Based Content Effectiveness Insights

Using proprietary AI algorithms, Contiq provides data-driven insights on the most effective content for a customer and opportunity:

  • Content success in prior similar pitches
  • Sharing and collaboration metrics
  • Customer engagement metrics


  • "With Contiq, our sales team has removed about 80 percent of the content discovery grunt work."

    Randy Magliozzi
    Head of Global Sales Operations, vARMOUR
  • "Contiq is addressing a key pain and a real need for us and our Fortune 500 clients."

    Carl Albrecht
    Partner, The Arnold Group