10x Your Sales Win-rate with This Sales Presentation Software

10x Your Sales Win-rate with This Sales Presentation Software

Intelligent data can maximize sales in any organization. The challenge is being able to leverage information when it counts. Enterprise salespeople, consultants, or sales engineers know being able to track audience engagement is invaluable. You just can’t rely on instincts alone anymore if you’re in sales. You need good data to guide your actions and adjustments throughout the sales process. Normally, enabling a data-driven sales approach in an organization would take a lot of time and effort. However, you can do it within minutes with Contiq, a sales presentation software.

How Contiq Works

Contiq is a straightforward and simple sales presentation software to use. Simply upload the documents you wish to send to prospects or customers and receive a unique trackable link to your document. Then send the sales presentation or proposal to the customer.

Contiq will track all activities. You’ll know how consumers behave while interacting with your content. Analytics shows which slide or pages get the most attention and the exact amount of time each person spends engaging with the content.

Also, Contiq notifies you via email as soon as your presentation is viewed by the recipient. Customers can also download documents as PDFs.

Save Time and Cut Cost

One of the best things about Contiq is the time you save and “time is money”. Imagine that you have a major meeting coming up about your Cloud Computing services next week. The goal is to convince people to sign up for your services so you’ll need every applicable benefit and feature in the sales presentation.

Normally, something like that can take many hours to prepare since you’re not just putting the copy together but also the design. Contiq is a sales presentation software that cuts the time you spend creating sales proposals or presentations down by more than half. You can search Contiq’s database for sales templates by topic/industry, target audience, and sales stage (e.g. prospect and qualify, close, etc.).

The template design is already beautiful and a base copy is present. So all you have to do from that point is proofread and customize as needed. Salespeople spend less time preparing communications with Contiq, which leads to significant cost savings for the company.

Tweak Your Messaging

Contiq tracks all activities involving your presentations or pitches, making it easy to tweak the messaging for better results. For example, you can test multiple copies of your sales presentation by sending it to several prospects. Then use the insights provided by Contiq to adjust your messaging accordingly. You can enhance sales presentations throughout the sales process.

Leverage Other Sales Experts

Contiq doesn’t just track activities but also stores and learns from data. Performance data for every sales presentation deck ever used in Contiq is stored indefinitely. Our AI algorithm learns from that data and ranks presentation decks based on performance. So whenever you search for any topic/industry sales template, the best one is suggested for getting started.

Data is Powerful

The sales advantages provided by data are abundantly clear. Contiq is unique because it ethically spies on your customers, which eliminates plenty of guesswork. No more wondering if that mega prospect loved your pitch. No more pondering whether your email list is engaged. No more overthinking situations. Contiq is the sales presentation software you need to confidently 10x your sales win rate. Signup for a free version of Contiq on https://try.contiq.com

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