3 New Features to Boost and Measure Customer Engagement

3 New Features to Boost and Measure Customer Engagement

Hi Customers,

Our team just released three BIG new features based on your amazing feedback. We would love to hear your comments through the chat button (purple and white button in the lower right part of this page).

1. A unified view of real-time customer engagement notifications

The home page on the web (app.contiq.com) has been completely redesigned and now provides a unified view of all the content you sent along with metrics and real-time notifications of your customer’s activity. We agreed with your feedback and think that having activity for each of your customers is in all in one place will be really valuable.

2. Keep your team informed of the customer activity

You’re finding incredible value in the insight that Contiq provides in seeing how your customer is engaging with the latest deck that you sent. Don’t you wish your team could too? Well now you can by inviting team members directly from the notifications dashboard, team members will also receive notifications on customer activity just like you.

3. Copy deck links to use with email editor of your choice

Many of you want the freedom to tailor your email in the editor of your choice. For each deck, you can now use a generic link or create a personalized link for each of your customers. Simply copy and paste the link into the email you tailor and send to your customer and you’ll get all the customer engagement analytics on the deck you’ve come to expect using Contiq.

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