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Origin Story

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Contiq started off as a small team of experienced product marketers and software engineers. Frustrated with inefficiencies and lack of a data-driven approach to enterprise sales and marketing, they set out to:

Radically reimagine, B2B sales and marketing by applying AI

Founding Team


Arun Lal

Co-Founder / CEO


Rahul Kapoor

Co-Founder / CPO


DNX Ventures

VC Investor

Jason Calacanis

VC Investor

XG Ventures

VC Investor


Startup Accelerator

Plug AND Play

VC Investor


We are dedicated to building great technology and customer experiences driven by artificial intelligence.

Innovation and Creativity

We are artists at heart and technologists by trade and so we create. We create lustful products for our customers and love doing so. We are our own biggest critics. So we always ask ourselves “Are we proud of this? Is this the most elegant solution?” If the answer is no, we go back to the drawing board. We don’t ship work we aren’t proud of, even if it means having an uncomfortable conversation.


We hustle to create work and deliver measurable and significant outcomes for our team and our customers.


We never forget that work is not an end. It is a means to be happy and make others happy. So, we take the time to laugh together, at each other and at ourselves. We celebrate and sprinkle the diversity for that is the color of life.


We all make mistakes and have flaws, and we should be comfortable owning our mistakes and knowing it’s ok to mess up once in awhile but we always want to learn from our mistakes.

Customer Obsession

We aim to convert our customers into raving fans. We listen to them, act on their behalf and obsess about exceeding their expectations.


Analysis is not easy, but synthesis is hard. But that is what our customers and peers expect from us - for us to do the hard work so it is easier for them. Easier to use our products and our processes.


We’re located in SF Bay Area.

The next best thing is to have Contiq!

The best thing a salesperson can have is the ability to read a prospect's mind.

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Contiq creates persuasive, engaging content for your prospects in seconds and track its performance in real-time through AI-powered algorithms
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