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Leverage Existing Knowledge

Search and reuse your entire global consulting library across practice areas in seconds for the right content.

Personalize Your Engagement

Easily create personalized client engagement experiences in minutes using your best performing material.

Increased Productivity

Spend billable time on deliverables that matter. With Contiq, eliminate wasted time spent on searching and building content. 

Access Global Knowledge

Search your consulting library in seconds for the right content - down to the individual slide. With Contiq’s AI-powered search engine, get real-time recommendations on the highest-performing  content to use for each engagement.

Enforce Compliance

Manage all published versions of content from one place and enforce compliance globally in an instant. Easily notify all consultants on an engagement about updates in real-time.

Personalize for Better Engagement

Customize content based on each engagement's needs. Personalize based on Vertical, Industry, or Practice Area.

Deliver Better Engagements

In today’s business environment, sending content is easy. What’s difficult is understanding if it’s the right material for the engagement.

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Contiq creates persuasive, engaging content for your prospects in seconds and track its performance in real-time through AI-powered algorithms
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