Deconstructing the Technology Enablers of AISEI (“i-see”)

Deconstructing the Technology Enablers of AISEI (“i-see”)

By Rahul Kapoor, Co-Founder and CTO

In the last post, Arun introduced AISEI which stands for AI-Based Sales Effectiveness Insights. It is effectively a layer that leverages technology, with an emphasis on AI, to make sales’ life easier.

Having been the Product and Technology guy all my life, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about enabling technologies for such a layer and how they translate to meaningful benefit for the sales rep.

Since Contiq is all about getting you the perfect pitch, let’s look at the technologies that enable a few selected phases of pitch creation process.

  • Pitch Context – Of course a lot of pitch context lives in the CRM systems so integration with them is a given.  But being able to drive insights from that data across a team’s activity is where AI comes in. Imagine knowing that kind of terms and phrases that you should be using with your pitch audience BEFORE you even start creating the pitch. AI can drive that insight based on what resonated with that audience in the previous pitches by your or your team members.
    Another example is knowing about your target company and general sentiment towards it before you show up for the pitch. Wouldn’t that be great?
    AI algorithms are particularly suited for both tasks above as they can leverage both the company internal and external web data to prepare you for the pitch.
  • Pitch Content – This is where AI (combined with Natural Language Processing or NLP) can shine. It can not only find and recommend the right micro-content (slides, paragraphs, lines) that are relevant to your pitch but can learn which ones are working well. Instead of experimenting with the keywords that are resonating, wouldn’t you like to start with the ones that are already working well?
    Another example is content compliance where technology can remind you of a missing slide or section for a particular stage pitch.
  • Usage Insights – Of course the real power of AI comes with usage data. And the same usage data is gold for decision makers. Being able to see what is presented in the field leads to measurement and improvement. For example, being able to see which custom slides are being created in the field can hugely inform the content creators. They can also inform salespeople with the content that is performing well in the field. Any well-designed SaaS platform with deep content extraction and scalable databases can collect exhaustive data at various level – user, decks, micro-content (slides, paragraphs, lines…)

These are just some selected examples of key technologies enabling some key aspects of pitching. And here we just touched on the high-level technology components, stay tuned for next level details on how this magic is actually delivered at scale.

Happy Pitching !!

Image credit: Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator from Pexels


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