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Power Sales With Proven Assets

Today, marketers and consultants like you spend most of your time in building assets (PPT, PDF, Word...) that your sales team can use with their prospects and buyers. But after all your hard work, how do you know these assets will engage the prospects and help sales close more deals? how do you ensure that your sales team is using the assets that will best engage the buyers? and how do you measure the sales and buyer engagement on those assets? 

Top consultants and marketers use Contiq to build latest and greatest assets

Research Buyer Feedback and Engagement to Build the Assets that Sales and Buyers will Love

It shouldn’t be difficult for marketers and consultants to access valuable buyer data from completed and ongoing deals. This data can serve as foundation for building great assets. Contiq's 360° Buyer Dashboard™ provides a single pane of glass to view all the sales and buyer feedback by any vertical or geography. The consultants and marketers get a detailed view of the buyer-seller meeting transcripts, buyer sentiment, email feedback and more such details. This provides an unparalleled feedback on buyer behaviour and care-abouts.

Recommend What To Use

Marketers and consultants no longer need to worry about sales team running around to find the right asset for their deals or engagements. Contiq's BestSearch™ ensures that the sellers can find the assets that "best" fit their needs - either they are recommended by the marketers or experts or they have performed best with the buyers. Sellers can find any asset at the deck/file level and in addition to that they can also get instant results  at a page and slide level.  The granular level search capability gives an option to filter search based on location of where the asset is stored, author name and much more. 

Track Asset Usage & Performance

Knowing which seller or buyer used the published asset is a crucial care-about for any marketer or consultant. With Contiq’s File Engagement Analytics™ report, the marketer or consultants can get real-time insights on such usage. Tracking of how much time is spent on each page to determine what is useful is also possible in this report. With insights on asset usage, teams can focus on creating more of the right assets and avoid creating something potentially ending up in the asset graveyard.

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