Add Content Block

Build The Content Sales Will Use and Customers Will Love

Understand what content influences the pipeline and drives revenue.

Audit Trail

Automatically track what content was used and by whom, so marketing and sales enablement teams can build what works.

Microsoft Office Integration

Work within the tools the sales teams uses, so you understand their experience
and adapt when necessary.

What You Need In One Place

No need to jump between tools or different
file locations across local and
cloud drives to find your docs.

Track Content Usage & Performance

With Contiq’s audit trail, marketing and sales enablement teams can view who in sales is using the content. They can even track how much time is spent on each page to determine what is useful.

With insights on content usage, teams can focus on creating more of the right content and avoid creating something potentially ending up in the content graveyard.

Recommend What To Use

Providing your sales team with the right content is crucial to control your message. Contiq can automatically show your team members the assets they need based on their search terms, topics, and location.

Marketing and enablement teams no longer need to worry about sales teams going off message because they couldn’t find the right material.

Control The Message

Subtle shift or an entire re-branding. Contiq will notify all relevant stakeholders of the updates in real-time. What's more? You can do that directly from your native apps such as Microsoft Office.

Manage all published versions of content from one place and get usage analytics in real-time.

Build more engaging content

In today’s modern business environment, sending content is easy. What’s difficult is understanding if it’s enough to move a deal forward.

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