Improve your win rates with AI

Contiq is an AI-based web application with a plugin for Microsoft Office that helps salespeople determine what next content to present to their their sales opportunities.

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Find Content Faster with Contiq's AI-Powered Discovery

Why jump between multiple instances of PowerPoint, Google Drive, and SharePoint across local and cloud drives to find your decks, and PDFs?

With Contiq you can:

  • Find winning material by title, content, or tag from the web app or directly within your Office products

  • Work confidently knowing that Contiq’s AI only recommends material with a high applicability score and previous success rate

  • Stay up-to-date by syncing content with your team across your myriad of laptops and clouds

Rapidly Tailor Content to Engage your Customers

Adding tailored messages and slides increases customer engagement by 70%, but takes a lot of time and effort.

With Contiq you can:

  • Preview slides from other decks that you think might be applicable

  • Add slides to your deck in one click

  • Publish content to Contiq so that you can easily find your personalized content next time, and allow your peers to find it

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Receive real-time, Granular Content Usage and Effectiveness Analytics

What happens to a deck or PDF when you send it to a customer is often a mystery.

With Contiq you can:

  • Know exactly when the customer opened the deck, dwell time per slide, and more

  • Get customer engagement alerts right in your inbox and on a custom dashboard

  • Feed Contiq's AI with new data that will improve the platforms future content recommendations 

Our Plans

Our Plans

Our Plans


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Contiq creates persuasive, engaging content for your prospects in seconds and track its performance in real-time through AI-powered algorithms
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