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Don't Just Manage, Lead.

Today, sales leaders like you, have to spend way too much time catching up on the activities in the existing deals leaving very little time for creative brainstorming to close those deals or even create new ones. 

Top sales leaders use Contiq to make their team win

Unlock Up To 35% More Deals For Your Team

Did you realize, your sales team can benefit tremendously from peer and your own connections to unlock new deals and accelerate the existing ones. Contiq does it automatically so that you are the hero.

Run 10x Effective Weekly Sales Meetings

Instead of coaxing your team to manually input their activities in the CRM, let Contiq show you a real-time updated dashboard of the activities. Now you can focus the meeting on creative brainstorming to close those deals. No more '20 Questions' to understand the deal context.

100% Unfiltered, Real-Time Communication, Sentiment & Feedback From Buyer Stakeholders

As a sales leader you know, there is nothing like real buyer voice to help you make the right decisions. Contiq's 360° Buyer Dashboard™ automatically collates all the active buyers (Evaluator, Influencer, Champion), their emails, LinkedIn messages and even comments during the zoom meetings. In addition, Contiq tracks recency, responsiveness, sentiment of all this buyer activity. Furthermore, Contiq provides a real-time deal health score based on these factors.

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Contiq creates persuasive, engaging content for your prospects in seconds and track its performance in real-time through AI-powered algorithms
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