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Real-Time Pipeline

Build better pipeline forecasts with data-driven insights.

Real-Time Pipeline

View real-time metrics that show
you exactly the health of your pipeline and if prospects are really engaged.

Sales Rep Coaching

Jump in on deals that may need a little more help. Coach your teams on how they need to engage with prospects.

Faster Close Rates

With real-time metrics and personalized customer experiences, close deals faster than ever before.

Analyze Engagement Across Your Team

Easily understand what level of engagement your sales teams are achieving.

With real-time insights, Sales Leaders can measure engagement activity and pinpoint where they need to step-in to help.

Prioritize Pipeline Actions

Prioritizing sales energy is impossible when you don’t know what deal to focus on. Contiq solves this problem with the Buyer Engagement Score (BES).

With BES Sales Leaders can prioritize opportunities to focus on, and see which deals have a higher chance of closing.

Recommend Best Performing Content To Your Team

Double-down on what works, raise the sales game for your team by knowing and recommending the most effective content to them in real-time.

Build more engaging content

In today’s modern business environment, sending content is easy. What’s difficult is understanding if it’s enough to move a deal forward.

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Contiq creates persuasive, engaging content for your prospects in seconds and track its performance in real-time through AI-powered algorithms
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